Will it hurt?
Yes, but in a good way! My goal is to locate problem areas in your body and work the deeper layers of muscle by applying concentrated pressure -- a process that can be pretty intense. Chronic pain and tension don’t often melt away without a fight, and any area that is causing you considerable discomfort may feel sensitive to work on.

At the end of the day, I want you to feel great. I am trained to warm up your fascia and muscles so that the release comes more easily. I am more than willing to apply more or less pressure depending on your preferences, to back off if something is too sensitive, or to go deeper if you feel like we’re on to something. Communication with your therapist goes a long way, so don’t hesitate to speak up during your session!
What results can I expect?
Immediately following your massage you can expect to feel relief from tension and pain. You may feel relaxed and at ease, lighter and possibly warm all over. You may be a bit sore in the following days -- a soreness similar to how you feel after a thorough workout.

Does all that sound great? Well, it’s just the beginning. As a regular part of your self-care routine, deep tissue therapy and myofascial release can make a marked difference in your overall health, range of motion, athletic performance, mood, and quality of life.
Who should get a deep tissue massage?
Most everyone stands to benefit from a deep tissue massage. Your daily routine imprints itself upon your body, and deep tissue massage works to undo the damage you absorb in your day-to-day life. Here are examples:
  • Athletes, runners, cyclists, mountain bikers, skiers, and fitness enthusiasts: repetitive, intensive use of your muscles can cause strains, cramps, and chronic tightness.
  • Office workers, commuters: Spend all day staring at a computer screen? Spend several hours a week in a car? Chances are you feel tightness in your neck, shoulders, and low back that deep tissue therapy can address.
  • Physical laborers: jobs that require lots of heavy lifting and/or long shifts on your feet can cause muscle strains and tightness due to impact and overuse.
  • Experiencing pain from past injury: Deep tissue massages can be hugely beneficial in the healing process by helping to break up scar tissue, increase blood flow to underused muscles, and relieve tightness in overused muscles.
There are several situations and conditions in which I cannot perform a massage. Please check if any of the following applies to you before booking an appointment:
  • Pregnancy- we do not offer prenatal massage
  • Injured in a wreck or accident in the last week
  • Undergoing chemotherapy or other intensive treatments without written permission from your doctor
  • Open wounds or infections
  • Sunburn, poison ivy, freshly tattooed, experiencing a rash
  • Hangover
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