My philosophy is to provide a consistently outstanding deep tissue massage that addresses your body's specific needs. Deep tissue massage and myofascial release come with a host of healthful benefits including tension release, relaxation, stress relief, improved athletic performance, detoxification, breaks down scar tissue, increase mobility, ease arthritis pain and symptoms, and countless more. At Wasatch DEEP, you can expect a consistently deep and healing massage on every visit.


The Wasatch Deep Massage

My signature massage is a combination of flushing, stripping, myofascial release, stretching, active and passive release, and trigger point work designed to increase blood flow, break up fascia, flush out toxins, and release tension held deep within the muscles and connective tissue. Each session is completely customizable to meet your body’s specific needs, aches, and pains.

My signature massage is preformed at a slow, measured, deliberate pace to active the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system. The parasympathetic system turns off the fight or flight system and is concerned with healing, nourishing, elimination, and regeneration of the body. When it takes over it slows your heart rate, improves circulation, muscles relax, and your body produces endorphins, the “happy” hormone, giving you an all over sense of well being.


  • 1 Hour  |  $80
  • 1.5 Hours  |  $120
  • 2 Hours  |  $160


    • Select your own style of music for ideal relaxation
    • Choose your level of pressure to ensure effectiveness

phone-icon(385) 630-0806

hours-iconMonday - Friday  8am - 9pm
        Sunday  10am - 5pm

location-icon42 Hartwell Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT 84115